Update on the NSW Landcare Program 2019-2023

The NSW Landcare Program (2019 – 2023) is a $22.4 million investment co-delivered by Landcare NSW and NSW Local Land Services to unlock the potential of the extensive volunteer network and Landcare movement across NSW.

The Program is a continuation of the previous Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative (2015 – 2019).

The Program is comprised of a number of components:

  • Local and Regional Landcare Coordinators;
  • A Community of Practice Component;
  • People Development;
  • Aboriginal Program; and
  • Program Management and Support.

The Regional Landcare Coordinator is a new role with nine of 11 positions already filled. Contracts have gone out to 72 host organisations with 68 Local Landcare Coordinators employed on a part-time basis.The Regional Landcare Coordinators will work with the 68 part time Local Landcare Coordinators who support the 60,000-strong volunteer Landcare network across NSW. Hosted by local organisations such as Landcare groups, Councils and industry organisations, they are a key resource that underpin local and regional communities of practice and the capacity of Landcarers to participate in on ground actions.

Landcare NSW CEO, Dr Adrian Zammit, said the Regional Landcare Coordinators will play an important role in growing the effectiveness of the network of Local Landcare Coordinators.

“We’re seeing the overall health of Landcare groups surge because of the on-ground support that Local Landcare Coordinators are providing. The addition of Regional Landcare Coordinators will play a pivotal role in growing the effectiveness of our statewide Landcare network. They are the drivers of regional resource and knowledge sharing and will coordinate and leverage the strategic goals of Landcare NSW and its member groups,” Dr Zammit said.

The Community of Practice component is about connecting existing groups with networks in ways that magnify peer support outcomes, collation and sharing of knowledge, practices and learnings across a range of topics at a range of scales. It will invest in state and regional scale forums designed to bring Landcarers together to do what they do best… connect as a community.

The Aboriginal Landcare Program component will see the recruitment of an experienced Aboriginal Program Manager in 2020 to deliver on a number of key initiatives identified by Landcare NSW and the Indigenous Working Group that evolved from the last Muster.

The People Development component aims to invest back into the working people of the NSW Landcare Program, to support training, capacity development and other good modern workplace practices. The component will be developed and delivered by the Program Team in consultation with identified goals highlighted in the regional and local priority plans. We envision this kicking off in March 2020.

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