Landcare NSW and COVID-19, October 2021

A roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions has been released by the NSW Government. 

Restrictions have recently been eased and will be further eased when the 80% double-dose vaccination target is reached.

Find out about the path forward for all NSW here: Easing restrictions at 80% full vaccination | NSW Government 

To help you to make informed decisions that affect your Landcare group and its activities, or to just keep updated, please see below to get the most current information. 

Should you have situation specific queries or need advice on developing your COVID Policy for events/field days/etc. we strongly urge you to contact Service NSW who are available 24/7 on 13 77 88 as they will have the most relevant information on hand and will help to guide you through the process. 


Please remember, these change day-to-day, and by LGA, and the information Landcare NSW has comes from these websites so if unsure please go directly to the Service NSW website. 


Your COVID-19 Safety Plan, may also need to be updated and  must address the matters required by the approved COVID-19 Safety Checklist. 

The plans set out what businesses and organisations need to do to fulfil their obligations under public health orders and minimise risk of transmission of COVID-19  

Complete the relevant COVID-19 Safety Plan for your industry. You need to keep a copy of your plan and provide it when asked to an authorised person. 

For more information and guidance: