Insurance for Members

Landcare NSW reduces insurance costs for Members

While Landcare NSW’s insurance package is already quite competitive, there’s always room for improvement, especially in these tough economic times.

After some tough negotiations between LNSW staff and a variety of insurance brokers and others, we secured a three percent discount on insurance costs, which we’ve passed on to our members.

In the lead up to pricing for the 2024-25 membership/insurance cycle, we learnt that a group sourcing insurance on their own could expect to pay as much as three thousand dollars for the same cover offered by LNSW.

To take advantage of our very competitive cover, you must be an incorporated group and take up a LNSW membership – please get in touch with Mark Lawrence, our Membership Officer.

Insurance Webinar

On Monday, 24th June 2024, Landcare NSW hosted another webinar with representatives from AON Insurance Brokers to answer your questions on our Master Policy Insurance package and the extent of its coverage.

Topics covered included:

  • Public and Product liability
  • Association and Professional indemnity liability
  • Volunteer worker’s personal accident cover

If you’d like access to the recording please reach out to our Membership Officer.

Insurance Claims – Simplified for Your Peace of Mind

Recently, some groups have expressed concerns about potential administrative burdens related to the Landcare NSW Insurance program.

There’s a misconception that making an insurance claim involves a lot of extra work for the groups or their member organisations. Let’s clear that up: Landcare NSW handles the heavy lifting when it comes to claim management.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Landcare NSW Manages Claims: The policies covering your group are managed by Landcare NSW. If you need to submit a claim, our team will handle most of the work.
  • Minimal Administrative Work: Over the past period, there has been only one claim, which was managed efficiently by our staff with minimal input required from the claimant.

Steps to Submit an Insurance Claim:

  • Contact Us: Call or email the Membership Officer, Mark Lawrence, to initiate your claim.
  • Provide Basic Information: Answer a few questions and complete the claim form we send you. This is the main administrative task you’ll need to do.
  • Submit the Form: Return the completed form and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Additional Information: If the insurer requires more details, we’ll reach out to you for the necessary information.

Thanks to the robust procedures our member groups have in place, our overall risk is well-managed, helping to keep claims to a minimum.

If you have any questions about making claims or need assistance with anything else, please feel free to contact your Membership Officer.

Contact our Membership Officer – Mark Lawrence:

Email: or

Phone during office hours 02 8339 4816 or directly 0414 537 379