Scaling up Landcare

Scaling up Landcare

A Collaborative Approach for Statewide Impact

At Landcare NSW, we recognise the growing interest in and need for large-scale environmental and natural resource management (NRM) projects. Over the past year, various NSW government agencies and internal groups have expressed their eagerness to collaborate with Landcare NSW to implement broader initiatives that have the potential to create significant statewide impact. This aligns well with several State and National grant programs that emphasise large-scale results. 

To effectively deliver these ambitious projects, Landcare NSW aims to work closely with Landcarers across the State. We are committed to developing streamlined procedures and protocols that will allow us to respond quickly and efficiently when opportunities arise. This collaboration will ensure that all stakeholders’ needs are met and project objectives are achieved seamlessly. 

Currently, Landcare Regions and Landcare NSW are engaged in a statewide private land conservation program funded through the Biodiversity Conservation Trust. Additionally, initial discussions are underway with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development about involving Landcare in Biosecurity Emergency Response and Surveillance. Our goal is to finalise these procedures and protocols soon, enabling us to leverage new opportunities and resources to address shared concerns or offer services on a fee-for-service basis. 

Insights from the State Advisory Council Meeting 

During the recent State Advisory Council meeting, the importance of quality, bottom-up consultation, early engagement, and building strong relationships with regions was emphasised. It was discussed that there is a need for streamlined reporting, targeted involvement based on a detailed interest matrix, and normalising preventative protocols at all events. These steps will ensure efforts are aligned with regional needs and capabilities, enabling the effective addressing of critical environmental and NRM issues. 

Grant Consultation Process: Seeking Your Input 

Landcare NSW is committed to simplifying the process for applying to statewide projects and establishing a Regional Consultation process. To design this effectively, a series of consultation sessions will be conducted with guidance from our State Advisory Council. Regional Representatives and volunteers are invited to provide their insights on the key features necessary for an effective Regional Consultation process. Key considerations include who needs to be consulted, realistic timeframes, barriers to success, and communication methods. Your feedback is critically important to ensure efforts align with regional needs and capabilities. If you wish to join future working groups, please reach out to us. 

If you are interested in participating in the development of these procedures and protocols, please contact Peter Dixon at 

Ozfish: Fish Motels in Moree

Fish motels in Moree become canvas for Dreamtime stories

OzFish recently worked alongside Landcare NSW and Miyay Birray Youth Group in Moree to support Indigenous culture of the Gomeroi/Kamilaroi nation.

Jay Barnett, team leader of the Moree River Repair Bus, led an educational session for young indigenous students focusing on the significance of waterway restoration and how installing fish motels creates new, intricate habitats for fish.

Local Indigenous youth then had an opportunity to share their cultural traditions by illustrating Dreamtime stories on logs that will soon be transformed into fish motels. They used a range of techniques, including burning and engraving to draw abstract patterns. These designs are symbolic, often representing elements of the natural world, intertwined with spiritual concepts and cultural knowledge.

See the full story:

Miyay Birray Youth Group

Insurance for Members

Landcare NSW reduces insurance costs for Members

While Landcare NSW’s insurance package is already quite competitive, there’s always room for improvement, especially in these tough economic times.

After some tough negotiations between LNSW staff and a variety of insurance brokers and others, we secured a three percent discount on insurance costs, which we’ve passed on to our members.

In the lead up to pricing for the 2024-25 membership/insurance cycle, we learnt that a group sourcing insurance on their own could expect to pay as much as three thousand dollars for the same cover offered by LNSW.

To take advantage of our very competitive cover, you must be an incorporated group and take up a LNSW membership – please get in touch with Mark Lawrence, our Membership Officer.

Insurance Webinar

On Monday, 24th June 2024, Landcare NSW hosted another webinar with representatives from AON Insurance Brokers to answer your questions on our Master Policy Insurance package and the extent of its coverage.

Topics covered included:

  • Public and Product liability
  • Association and Professional indemnity liability
  • Volunteer worker’s personal accident cover

If you’d like access to the recording please reach out to our Membership Officer.

Insurance Claims – Simplified for Your Peace of Mind

Recently, some groups have expressed concerns about potential administrative burdens related to the Landcare NSW Insurance program.

There’s a misconception that making an insurance claim involves a lot of extra work for the groups or their member organisations. Let’s clear that up: Landcare NSW handles the heavy lifting when it comes to claim management.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Landcare NSW Manages Claims: The policies covering your group are managed by Landcare NSW. If you need to submit a claim, our team will handle most of the work.
  • Minimal Administrative Work: Over the past period, there has been only one claim, which was managed efficiently by our staff with minimal input required from the claimant.

Steps to Submit an Insurance Claim:

  • Contact Us: Call or email the Membership Officer, Mark Lawrence, to initiate your claim.
  • Provide Basic Information: Answer a few questions and complete the claim form we send you. This is the main administrative task you’ll need to do.
  • Submit the Form: Return the completed form and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Additional Information: If the insurer requires more details, we’ll reach out to you for the necessary information.

Thanks to the robust procedures our member groups have in place, our overall risk is well-managed, helping to keep claims to a minimum.

If you have any questions about making claims or need assistance with anything else, please feel free to contact your Membership Officer.

Contact our Membership Officer – Mark Lawrence:

Email: or

Phone during office hours 02 8339 4816 or directly 0414 537 379

Local winners announced at the NSW Landcare Awards ceremony

Winners for the NSW Landcare Awards have been proudly announced, recognising the outstanding contributions by locals from across the state to the environment conservation, sustainable farming, and our community.

The NSW winners have been acknowledged during a ceremony at the Sergeants Mess, Chowder Bay Mosman, on 3 June 2024.

The Landcare Awards honour the remarkable accomplishments of individuals, groups and organisations, dedicated to protecting the NSW natural resources and building resilient landscapes for the future. The award winners and their projects are diverse, including climate innovation, community partnerships, sustainable agriculture, youth, and collaboration with First Nations.

Quote attributed to Minister for Agriculture, Tara Moriarty:

“Landcarers make important and lasting contributions to communities and these awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate those efforts.

“I congratulate all nominees for achieving great things for their local communities and thank them for their ongoing commitment.

“Events like this remind me of how proud I am that the NSW Government committed a record $59 million to support Landcare through the NSW Landcare Enabling Program.”

Quote attributed to Local Land Services Acting CEO, Rob Kelly:

“The Landcare NSW and Local Land Services partnership is one we value and one that delivers important outcomes for the environment, agriculture and communities.

“I congratulate the finalists along with all Landcare staff and volunteers for the positive role they play in communities.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Landcare NSW to deliver positive outcomes across this state into the future.”

Quote attributed to Landcare NSW CEO, Turlough Guerin:

“These awards are one of the highlights of our Landcare calendar and are our chance to celebrate and recognise the amazing work that the Landcare volunteers do. It’s such a privilege to be part of this phenomenal community.”

Quote attributed to Landcare Australia CEO, Dr Shane Norrish:

“The NSW Landcare Award finalists have shown an exceptional level of commitment to landcare activities by restoring and protecting the natural environment where they live and work. Their achievements benefit not only our land and water assets but are helping to create partnerships and build community resilience across Australia. As we come together to celebrate and acknowledge their efforts, we also find inspiration in their hard work, and a reminder to us all that landcare is a collective effort.”

Winners of the State & Territory Landcare Award categories will represent NSW at the 2024 National Landcare Awards to be held in late 2025.

  • Australian Government Climate Innovation Award
  • Australian Government Sustainable Agriculture Landcare Award
  • Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award
    • Winner: Ran Mitchell
  • Australian Government Community Partnerships Landcare Award
    • Winner: Lake Macquarie Volunteer Landcare Network
  • Greyhound Coastcare Award
    • Winner: Wallabi Point Coastcare
  • First Nations Landcare Collaboration Award
    • Winner: Waybali Murruway
  • Women in Landcare Award
    • Winner: Nell Chaffey
  • Woolworths Junior Landcare Award
  • NextGen Landcare Award
    • Winner: NPWS Penguin Warden Taylor Springett

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our nominees, judges and to Landcare Australia Limited for providing the funding to host these awards.

Your Support Matters

Help Us Grow: Support Landcare NSW at the End of Financial Year

As we approach the end of the financial year, we reflect on a year of significant achievements and impactful work at Landcare NSW.

Our efforts have empowered local communities, promoted sustainable agriculture, and enhanced disaster preparedness. However, our work is far from complete. To continue growing and building on our successes, we need your support. 

Highlights from the Past 12 Months 

  • Amplifying Advocacy: Strengthened grassroots voices, driving impactful environmental policy changes into NSW Parliament. 
  • Enhancing Disaster Preparedness: Implemented nature-based solutions to safeguard numerous communities. 
  • Sustaining Agriculture: Promoted biodiversity, soil health, and water security for a resilient future. 
  • Empowering Communities: Supported over 1,500 local Landcare groups with resources and leadership. 
  • Delivering Major Programs: Managed the $58.8 million Landcare Enabling Program from 2023 to 2027, showcasing our trusted partnership with the government. 
  • Hosting Events: Held over 200 events to promote private land conservation and improve disaster preparedness. 

Despite these achievements, the need for more resources is critical. Our analysis of the Australian Government FY24/25 Federal Budget papers reveals that current investment in natural resource management (NRM) is insufficient to meet growing environmental challenges, particularly in biosecurity, disaster preparedness, and biodiversity protection. Forecast budget commitments in these areas are less than 5% of what is required. This underinvestment highlights the urgent need for additional resources to support sustainable land management practices at the grassroots level. 

Over 80% of our income goes directly into Landcare projects on the ground, ensuring that your donations have a tangible impact. Unlike many organisations, we are not burdened by top-heavy administration costs. This means your support directly contributes to the vital work being done in communities across New South Wales. 

Why Your Support Matters 

While the Landcare community in NSW has received record funding, this primarily supports a network of Landcare coordinators across the state. These funds do not directly finance on-ground projects, which are essential for achieving our mission of sustainable natural resource management. Your donations fill this crucial gap, enabling us to: 

  • Launch new projects that protect and rehabilitate our natural environment. 
  • Provide more training and resources to local Landcare groups. 
  • Enhance our advocacy efforts to secure even greater support for environmental and sustainable agriculture initiatives. 

Join Us in Making a Difference 

Your donation at this end-of-financial-year period can make a significant difference. Together, we can continue to grow our impact and ensure that our land, environment, and communities are well cared for. 

Support Landcare NSW today and be a part of a community dedicated to making a lasting, positive impact on our environment. 

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Landcare NSW.

Together, we can achieve even more in the coming year.



Expressions of Interest (EOI) have been opened until 28 JULY, 2024.


The Board position of ‘Ordinary Director – Greater Sydney/South East Region’, has be now been opened for Expressions of Interest. Landcare NSW are now seeking applications from people living in the Greater Sydney or South East region who are interested in joining the Board of Landcare NSW, the peak body for Landcare in the state.

Former Landcare NSW Chair, Stephanie Cameron said, “Landcare NSW is the peak body for community Landcare in NSW. The primary purpose of the organisation is to serve as a ‘resource advocate’ to ensure that the thousands of Landcarers in NSW have all they need to care for our land, environment and communities.”

To ensure that Landcare NSW has the perspective of everyone in the state, Board Directors are elected from electoral zones that cover the entire state.

“If you live in the Greater Sydney or South East electoral zone and share our commitment to strengthening and growing the community Landcare movement in NSW to improve the health of our natural and working landscapes, you should consider standing for the Board,” said former Landcare NSW Chair Stephanie Cameron.

The Greater Sydney & South East Electoral Zone covers the area of the state which correspond to the boundaries of NSW LLS Western Regional boundaries.

Are you skilled in Finance, NFP &/or Marketing and Philanthropy?


The Landcare NSW Board are currently ideally seeking EOI from skilled individuals with experience in Finance, Not-for-Profit organisations and/or Marketing and Philanthropy, who reside in the Greater Sydney or South East Region.

Candidates for Ordinary Director positions must normally reside within the geographic boundaries of the region they wish to represent. Here is a LINK to a map to help you determine the region you live in.

Candidates for Ordinary Director positions must be a member of a local Landcare NSW member group or a District Network. These candidates will need to verify their membership by having their nomination form signed by the secretary of the local association (must be incorporated) or by the district network association or regional association (if local group is unincorporated).

Nominations will be open to individuals who wish to lodge an Expression of Interest from 3 June to 28 July 2024. All nominated candidates must be vetted and approved by the Nominations Committee before proceeding to the election in the case of Ordinary Director candidates, and appointment in the case of Independent Director candidates.

Elections for Ordinary Directors will be held by electronic ballot online from 1 – 30 September 2024. Successful candidates will be announced at the November 2024 Annual General Meeting and will take office at the first Board meeting thereafter.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Nominations Committee Chair – Steve Bunnell via email:

If you wish to send an expression of interest, you can do so by filling out the Expression of Interest Form, and sending through to



Ozfish: Don’t forget the little guys

Ozfish: Don’t forget the little guys

by Sean P. Graham, Ozfish

Let’s chat about the little guys in the water, those small fish we often overlook. In Australia, when people go fishing, they’re usually focused on the big catches like Murray cod and trout cod. But what about the little ones? The ones we call “gudgeons,” “guppies,” or just “white bait”? These small fish might not be the stars of the fishing world, but they sure deserve some attention.


Most of the native fish in Australia are actually small. Take the Murray Darling Basin, for instance. Out of all the fish species there, only about six are big enough to get anglers excited. The rest? They’re these cool little creatures like rainbowfish, Hardyheads, Galaxias, Perchlets, Pygmy Perches, and Gudgeons.

What’s wild is that most of these fish are found only in Australia, but sadly, they’re close to extinction. More than half of them in the Basin are threatened or endangered.

To see how one of our Women in Landcare finalists – Janet Heffernan – is doing to reverse this trend visit:  Don’t Forget About The Little Guys | OzFish Unlimited

Private Land Conservation Matters (PLCM)

Private Land Conservation Matters (PLCM) project

Suzanne Pritchard, LNSW Project Manager

The Private Land Conservation Matters (PLCM) project is ramping up with events planned and rolling out across the state in 12 Landcare regions. The Biodiversity Conservation Trust funded project is making possible 69 field days, eight networking events, 21 workshops, three forums, four trials and four online webinars.

The main themes being addressed across the project include sharing best practice biodiversity conservation in production areas, caring for Country, bush regeneration strategies, riparian restoration and habitat management for flora, fauna, endangered communities, and individual species.

These themes have translated into events such as the recently held 2-day Fire Focus Forum, hosted by Gywmac Landcare, Threatened Species Investigation in the McDonald Valley hosted by Greater Sydney Landcare,  the jam-packed Creek Feast day organised by Watershed Landcare, celebrating all aspects of riparian restoration, and the Conservation & Primary Production Field day hosted by MidCoast2Tops at Dingo Creek where landholders shared their successful integration of an Angus Stud with riparian restoration.

The focus for many groups across the state in May is mycology. A Fungi Discovery workshop is being organised by South East Landcare, Soil Super heroes secrets will be shared by MidCoast2Tops and Mycology in the Mix is being presented by Central West Lachlan Landcare.

Keeping track of all the events and sharing the lessons learnt is being made possible by the recently activated PLCM Shared Resources portal,

The events calendar is publicly available, and it is hoped that it will provide a useful resource for ideas and a vehicle for collating the event outcomes to support Landcarers looking to host events in their region to support all Landcarers, including those on private land.

PLCM Acknowledgement

NSW Landcare Awards

NSW Landcare Awards update

Judging is now complete for the 2023/2024 Landcare Awards and we are pleased to share the finalists – in alphabetical order. These are the 32nd chapter of the awards and it will be fantastic to celebrate the amazing work that is happening out there on the ground.

For those of us involved in the judging process, it was so uplifting to see such dedication and passion. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony which will be held at Sergeants Mess, Chowder Bay, Mosman on the 3rd of June (2.30-6.30pm).

This event can be viewed via live stream: Watch Live

After much deliberation, we are delighted to share with you our finalists across the nine categories:

Climate Innovation:

  • Mulloon Institute
  • Wallabadah Community Association
  • SouthEast Climate Innovators (Hovells Creek, Boorowa and Yass Area Network of Landcare Groups)

Community Partnerships

  • K2W Link Inc
  • Lake Macquarie Landcare Volunteer Network Committee

Individual Landcarer

  • Bev Debrincat
  • Ran Mitchell
  • Greg Thompson

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Jodie Michelle Viccars
  • Little River Landcare Group

First Nations Partnerships

  • Waybali Murraway – Weaving Paths
  • Worimi LALC and Tilligerry Landcare (Partnership)


  • NPWS Penguin Wardens
  • Wallabi Point Coastcare Group
  • Clean4Shore

Next Gen Landcare

  • Jayden Gunn
  • Taylor Springett

Women In Landcare

  • Janet Heffernan
  • Nell Chaffey

Woolworths Junior Landcare

  • Delungra Public School
  • St Marys Catholic College
  • Wilsons Creek Public School
Delungra Public School students

Delungra Public School Students

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our nominees, judges and to Landcare Australia Limited for providing the funding to host these awards.

The Conservation Chronicles

Conservation Chronicles

– Melanie Tyas, Landcare NSW State Community of Practice Manager

We are off to a flying start with our Lunch and Learn series with two sessions now under our belts. During session two we heard from Steven Fleischmann Local Landcare Coordinator with Lithgow Oberon Landcare Association. Steven is hosted at Lithgow Council where he’s been working to protect critically endangered swamps by treating stormwater using natural solutions at the source.

His projects see stormwater slowed by installing large rocks where the pipes discharge. This stops scouring and creates habitat for native creatures such as frogs and crayfish. It also ensures that sediment and other urban byproducts, such as dog poo are captured before they have a chance to hit the wetlands.

As well as creating habitat, these innovative solutions are far cheaper than typical engineering options such as GPTs. Despite being Steve’s initiative, he’s quick to point out that the project is a group effort – with council, volunteers, Landcarers and local community all playing a part.

However there’s still some work to be done as these sediment ponds require maintenance and whilst it’s minimal, Steve’s eager to find a solution to deal with the sludge that will need to be dug out. Like most of our projects, it’s a work in progress.

Stay tuned for session three, where we will learn to prepare media releases for newspaper and radio with new Broken Hill Local Landcare Coordinator and former journalist, Melanie Gates. Melanie attended the last session and arrived a tad early.

It didn’t take long to unearth her talents and rope her in to presenting at the next session. Thanks Mel and her host Simon for being so accommodating. With Mel’s expertise, we’re poised to unleash our creative flair as we captivate the media with our newfound writing prowess. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter in our journey.

Stormwater drainage works

Banjo Frog