The Coordinator Activity Tracker

The Coordinator Activity Tracker – Changing the way Landcare Coordinators count the numbers that matter!

This month the NSW Landcare Program launched the Coordinator Activity Tracker. A revolution in how Local and Regional Landcare Coordinators capture and communicate data about the activities they deliver in our Landcare Communities.

Imagine having the power in your hands to capture data about the local activities your delivering, now imagine that data automatically coming together real time with the data of over 80 other Coordinators from right across NSW to tell the story of Landcare.

The Coordinator Activity Tracker delivers just that to our network of Coordinators. It records data on all the widgets, indicators and measures most captured by Landcare and importantly, most commonly required by funding bodies. This breaks the “black box” of reporting, where data so commonly only goes in and doesn’t come back out. The Tracker will not only provide the capacity for Landcare and Local Land Services to champion the efforts of Landcare at the state level but will provide a database that all Local and Regional Coordinators can access to use for reporting, funding applications and communications.

Collecting local data has always been a massive challenge for Landcare, bringing that data together from across the state to form a common picture of the impact the Coordinator network is having has seemed impossible… until now.

For more information on the Coordinator Activity Tracker, reach out to your Local or Regional Landcare Coordinator.

The Coordinator Activity Tracker is an initiative of the NSW Landcare Program, a collaboration between Landcare NSW and Local Land Services.