Landcare Employment Toolkit

Some Landcare Group and Networks employ staff or contractors to assist and support them to undertake their projects and activities.  These employees may be in a diversity of roles including Landcare Coordinators, Project Officers, Bush Regenerators, book keepers and many others.

The Landcare Employment Toolkit is designed to assist potential and current employers of Landcare staff with being aware of the legal requirements and responsibilities of being an employer, as well as tools and links to make the recruitment and employee management process easier for community groups.

Landcare NSW Employment Toolkit



Local Landcare Co-ordinator Initiative FAQs

A guide to some of the frequently asked questions regarding the employment of Local Landcare Co-ordinators as part of the Local Landcare Co-ordinator Initiative.  This information is provided to assist host organisations, but is a guide not a requirement.



Sample Job Description for Local Landcare Co-ordinator Initiative

A sample job description for host organisations to assist with the appointment or recruitment of Local Landcare Co-ordinators.
This information is provided as a guide not a requirement.