Regional Coordinators deliver a range of Regional Community of Practice events

The Landcare movement is a diverse community. This diversity is one of its biggest strengths, but also one of its biggest challenges, especially when the goal is to empower Landcarers to meet their own priorities and outcomes. It requires capacity to respond to these diverse needs in a way that is locally appropriate. Regional Landcare Coordinators (RLC) across the state of NSW work to build partnerships and the effectiveness of Landcare networks by bringing everyone together. They ensure best practice occurs within and across regions and that partnerships are established and maintained with Landcare’s broad range of stakeholders.

Regional Community of Practice events are about connecting, collating and sharing knowledge, practice and learnings. The past few months have seen Regional Coordinators deliver a range of Regional Community of Practice (RCoP) events from the Art of Hosting in the South-East, a regional gathering in the North, Rangelands Rehydration Field Days in the Far West of the state to the Henty Machinery Field Days in the Murray.

The Landcare Shed

The Murray

The Henty Machinery Field Days held from the 21-23rd September was a massive 3-day agricultural show with 70,000 people heading through the gates. The 3-bay metal ‘Landcare Shed’ was one of over 850 exhibitors. The shed showcased 27 Landcare groups/networks from across the Murray and Riverina and was shared with Birdlife Oz, ANU Sustainable Farms, WIRES, Farmers for Climate Action, Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre, Murray LLS Refreshing Rivers with Hollow Hog and Habitech Innovations augmented habitat options on display. Live lizards were a drawcard on the Thursday. Over the 3 days there were 1873 visitors through the shed hosted via 23 volunteer shifts and 49 staff shifts (31 individual staff).




A nursery in the Western Region – not quite like the ones in the rest of the state.

Western Region

In the Western Region, a field day brought together important stakeholders and community members to showcase several Rangeland Rehydration projects in the Far West of NSW that are in the forefront of Drought preparedness for around 20% of the state. The event was attended by CEO Turlough Guerin and Landcare NSW Business Support Officer Terry Harkness.
Presenters included:
• Barry Turner – Polpah Field Trip
• Nathan Harvey – Caradoc Field Trip
• Paul Theakstone – Senior Rangelands Rehab Officer
• Luke Mashford – Chair FWRRA
• Lindy Molesworth – Landcare Broken Hill
• Sarah McDonald – Pasture Researcher DPI
• Rachael Payne – Senior Regional Conservation Officer BCT
• South Pole for Climate Change.
One of the key learnings from this project is that every property / project proponent involved is different and one size does not fit all.


North Coast

In the north of the state, new RLC Bridget Kent convened a fabulous gathering in Coffs Harbour. The two days were jam-packed with presenters from Save our Species, Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services, North Coast Regional Landcare Network, with a special presentation by Chair of the Board Stephanie Cameron. The new Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare, Gurmesh Singh was also in attendance as were representatives from Landcare NSW including Turlough Guerin, Program Manager Peter Taylor and Regional Community of Practice Coordinator Melanie Tyas.





In the South-East, RLC Linda Cavanagh and RALF Marien Stark eventually got to bring the Art of Hosting Training to colleagues in their region. Since the start of the NSW Landcare Program, Linda has been determined to ensure that the Local Coordinators and others in the region had a chance to learn this facilitation method. The three-day workshop was well attended by Landcare NSW staff and RLC Madeleine Florin from Greater Sydney and Michael Kennedy, Aboriginal Landcare Coordinator for the North Coast Region.
“Linda Cavanagh and Marien Stark are champions in the field, wonderful hosts and supporters of the South East Landcare network.” (Well-deserved praise from a Local Coordinator).



We are looking forward to MC2Tops and Hunter’s Art of Hosting which is scheduled for March. If you would like to attend, please contact Regional Landcare Coordinator Jess Leck.


This initiative is made possible by the NSW Landcare Program. A collaboration of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW supported by the NSW Government. 

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