Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney

Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney

Landcarers are being given the opportunity to improve the natural environment in your local areas by Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney.

In partnership with Greater Sydney Landcare, we are planting 200,000 trees across Greater Sydney from 2023 – 2025, as part of the NSW Government Greening our City initiative.

This builds on the 100,000 trees planted across Greater Sydney from 2020 – 2022.

While the trees will start out small, like all great things, with the support of our extensive network they will eventually grow to create a new canopy across Greater Sydney to ensure that all communities have access to green spaces.


Tree canopies will help to create a connection between the Greater Sydney community and nature, and with the Landcare movement.

But planting another 200,000 trees is a huge challenge.

Landcare NSW, with the support of Greater Sydney Landcare, will bring the skills and dedication of our extensive networks to help meet these ambitious goals. The expertise of Landcarers will be important in ensuring that appropriate sites are chosen, landholders are provided with correct advice on tree choice and long-term maintenance, and trees are planted with the best chance of surviving.

We will work directly with landowners and local native nurseries in identifying the most appropriate tree species to be planted for each site.

Through a ground-up approach, Landcarers are uniquely placed to connect with the community and identify ideal locations for new trees. Landcarers know where trees are missing, understand the best trees to plant and can work with landowners to ensure the trees survive. Landcare NSW and the Greater Sydney Landcare Network will work with our partners to identify strategic sites and corridors that will benefit from the planting of additional canopy trees.

This project is also an opportunity for Landcare to increase awareness of volunteer opportunities across the Greater Sydney region and raise awareness and interest in planting more trees. Our shared challenge is not only to get the trees in the ground but to monitor them and provide education to ensure they survive.


Much of Sydney is affected by urban heat which has impacts on the community’s use of the outdoors and its connection to nature. By targeting heat affected areas of Greater Sydney this project will help to create tree canopies that reduce urban heat issues.

Tree canopies will help to create habitat for wildlife, tree diversity and a cooler city creating spaces that invite people back into nature.


Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney is looking for Landcarers and landholders from across the region interested in participating in tree planting activities and creating future canopies.

Landcarers and Landholders interested in registering your site for trees click here or to register your interest in volunteering click here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Creating Canopies in Greater Sydney is looking for volunteers and landholders from across the region interested in participating in tree planting activities and creating future canopies. If you want to get involved – please get in touch via email or registering your interest.

Register your site for Trees

Looking for ways to beautify your property and help the environment at the same time? Consider planting trees as part of the Creating Canopies Project.

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