People Led Prevention Natural Hazard Adaptation

Landcare NSW’s People Led Prevention project empowers communities across regional NSW in developing disaster resilience and preparedness skills.


The People Led Prevention Project, an initiative by Landcare NSW, ushers a new era in natural disaster preparedness. Funded under the Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (DRRF), a collaboration between the Australian and New South Wales governments, this project exemplifies the power of community-led action in confronting environmental challenges. Administered by the NSW Reconstruction Authority, the initiative aims to instigate behaviour change on individual, local, and regional levels, harnessing the strengths of Landcare activities and nature-based solutions to mitigate natural hazard risks.


From November 2023 to May 2024, the People Led Prevention Project collaborates with emergency and disaster agencies across NSW. Through workshops, engagement days, and webinars, the project aims to enhance natural hazard preparedness and planning, complementing existing frameworks by the SES and RFS. This initiative not only raises awareness but also equips communities with practical tools and knowledge for disaster risk reduction.


With funding of $1.9M, Landcare NSW People Led Prevention project expands across six additional NSW regions. This expansion builds upon the pilot’s success, intensifying nature-based risk mitigation efforts. Landcare NSW CEO, Dr. Turlough Guerin, emphasises the organisation’s unique position to facilitate significant environmental risk reduction, thanks to its robust Landcare network and partnerships with disaster and emergency agencies. “Landcare is uniquely positioned to drive real change in the natural hazard and risk reduction space,” Dr. Guerin said. “Our approach is deeply rooted in the power of nature-based solutions, essential for preparedness and prevention in today’s changing climate.”


The project’s expansion calls communities to action to engage in behaviour change that significantly enhances preparedness for natural hazards. Katie Caldwell, Landcare NSW Project Manager, stated, “Through positive engagement with households and landowners in the expanded six regions, this project aims to foster a greater understanding of natural hazard risk and provide tools to actively prepare and mitigate risk using nature-based solutions. The project’s scope encompasses topics such as bushfire, floods, landslips, heatwaves, and storms, all viewed through a Landcare lens.”


In the face of escalating natural hazard threats, the People Led Prevention project integrates hazard adaptation and risk reduction into Landcare activities. Offering a wide array of workshops, the project aims to bolster community resilience against extreme weather events and natural disasters. These workshops cover bushfire risk management, revegetation for flood prevention, wildlife triage after fires, and incorporation of First Nation knowledge into land management, among others.


Landcare NSW invites residents of the six targeted regions to participate in the People Led Prevention project. Involvement in upcoming workshops and activities is a vital step toward better preparedness for natural hazards. “As natural hazard risks escalate, it’s imperative that we arm our communities with the necessary tools and knowledge to adapt and thrive,” adds Ms. Caldwell.

Regional Workshops

Join us for a series of workshops across NSW in April and May focusing on managing bushfire risks and disaster preparedness.

These workshops cover topics such as hazard reduction burns, farm planning, emergency response, and community resilience. Learn about biosecurity, wildlife care during emergencies, chainsaw operation, fire ant management, native species for fuel load reduction, landscaping for bushfire resilience and heatwaves, and much more.

Don’t miss out on practical skills sessions, expert insights, and valuable resources to help you and your community stay safe and resilient in the face of natural disasters.

For more information contact a participating Landcare group in your region.

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Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee (GLENRAC)

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