Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships are crucial to sustain a grassroots movement


Landcare is a grassroots movement dedicated to the care of our land, environment and the people who invest their time in the sustainable management of our natural resources in NSW.

Landcare has a community-driven approach focusing on improving the resilience of the environment now and into the future. 

Landcare NSW acts as the conduit between local Landcare and key decision makers. Every week across NSW Landcarers are planting trees, managing coastal dunes, waterways, improving biodiversity and practising sustainable agriculture. We work to ensure that local Landcare groups are supported by providing resources and a voice for ground level projects.


Why partner with Landcare NSW?

Landcare NSW will work with your organisation to tailor partnership packages according to your requirements and level of investment.

Your organisation can build valuable social capital whilst positioning yourselves as an environmentally aware employer providing maximum benefits to your brand and business.

Landcare NSW provides local, relevant, flexible volunteering opportunities and projects.

Your company’s impact is tangible, employees will be able to instantly see how their involvement is impacting the local environment with updates, stories and reports from the ground projects. 


How do I partner with Landcare NSW?


Contact Us

For more information on how to partner with Landcare NSW, please contact us at:

Phone: 0458 168 225


*Workplace giving done by arrangement. Please contact us for more information.