Parliamentary Friends of Landcare Meeting

Landcare NSW visits Macquarie Street and meets the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare.

Landcare is building closer ties with Members of Parliament through the recently formed NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare.

This group creates an opportunity to build support for Landcare in the Parliament and connect Members with Landcare in their local communities.

On 21 October Members of Parliament and their staff came to a meeting in Parliament House which was addressed by Landcare NSW Chair Rob Dulhunty and Council Member Megan Rowlatt, who is successfully attracting young people to build the next generation of Landcare.

Chair of the Group, the Hon Katrina Hodgkinson MP, Member for Cootamundra, commented that Landcare is a truly grassroots community movement. “I can’t think of any other group that has such strong and widespread connections that seep into every aspect of the community,” she said.

Prior to the meeting, Landcare NSW asked Councillors to approach their local members of parliament to encourage them to join the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare and attend the meeting. Their efforts paid off with about 20 Members of Parliament in attendance.

Rob expressed thanks to all MPs and MLCs for their support in founding the group and throughout the Sustaining Landcare campaign. He particularly thanked honourable members Katrina Hodgkinson, Mick Veitch, Jeremy Buckingham and Rick Colless for their assistance in getting the group off the ground and their dedicated staff who have played a key role in making things happen.

Landcare needs support and strong Government leadership in order for our 60 000 volunteers across the state to work to their full potential. The Parliamentary Friends of Landcare embodies Landcare’s bipartisan spirit. This is an exciting step forward for Landcare in NSW, especially in conjunction with the new Landcare Support Program’s implementation which is being rolled out under the oversight of Minister for Lands and Water, the Hon Niall Blair MLC.

Rob Dulhunty’s Speech
Landcare NSW Flyer
Intrepid Landcare Flyer



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