Ozfish: Fish Motels in Moree

Fish motels in Moree become canvas for Dreamtime stories

OzFish recently worked alongside Landcare NSW and Miyay Birray Youth Group in Moree to support Indigenous culture of the Gomeroi/Kamilaroi nation.

Jay Barnett, team leader of the Moree River Repair Bus, led an educational session for young indigenous students focusing on the significance of waterway restoration and how installing fish motels creates new, intricate habitats for fish.

Local Indigenous youth then had an opportunity to share their cultural traditions by illustrating Dreamtime stories on logs that will soon be transformed into fish motels. They used a range of techniques, including burning and engraving to draw abstract patterns. These designs are symbolic, often representing elements of the natural world, intertwined with spiritual concepts and cultural knowledge.

See the full story: ozfish.org.au/2024/05/fish-motels-in-moree-become-canvas-for-dreamtime-stories/

Miyay Birray Youth Group
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