Out and About with Trees in the House

A casualty of COVID19 is the annual gathering hosted by Landcare NSW and the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare known as Trees in the House.

In the esteemed setting of Parliament House in Sydney’s Macquarie Street, Landcarers and MPs celebrate Landcare’s achievements and discuss future challenges.

The name Trees in the House stems from the practice of giving away a small tree to Parliamentarians to take home and plant in their electorate. For this one evening each year, Members of Parliament can be seen walking the corridors of Parliament House with seedlings in hand, ready to plant.

In the remarkably different year of 2020, the event will be remodelled as Out and About with Trees in the House.

Instead of a large gathering in Macquarie Street, regional events will be held in which Landcare groups will invite their Member of Parliament to plant a tree that will be nurtured by the Landcare community in the area.

Regional events will bring together Landcarers, community representatives, government partners and Members of Parliament to showcase and celebrate Landcare in the area.

In a year when communities have been rocked by drought and fire, only to be hit by a pandemic, Landcare has shown its resilience and determination to care for the land, protect biodiversity and look after people and rural industries.

Landcare NSW will provide information and resources to support Landcarers who would like to take the concept of Trees in the House and replicate it in the regions.

More information will be provided by Landcare NSW in the coming weeks but in the meantime, please direct any questions to Jodie Lovell jlovell@landcarensw.org.au or Rachael Moss rmoss@landcarensw.org.au 

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