NSW LLCI Second State-Wide Webinar – June 2017

“Learn Share Connect”

The Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative (LLCI) held its second state-wide workshop in June to connect host organisations and coordinators through a regional and state-wide community of practice, to share experiences, learn skills and connect with each other and other landcarers.

The workshop was held via Webinar on 21st June. It involved all Regional Landcare Facilitators, Local Landcare Coordinators and members of management committees/ hosting organisations. It was held remotely at 10 locations across NSW connected by video conferencing facility. This was the first time that either Landcare NSW or Local Land Services have held a workshop like this via webinar and represented a trial of this technology to meet Landcare needs.

This 2nd workshop focused on consolidating the progress of the LLCI and being able to report against outcomes. It also included a live Q and A panel session to provide answers to regional issues and questions. This webinar workshop was the second of three workshops planned for the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative across the life of the program.

The workshop was designed to provide participants with an opportunity to:

• Learn about the progress of the project,
• Increase skills and understanding on aspects relating to achieving LLCI objectives,
• Provide individual and regionally based feedback and input to the future direction of the program,
• Document ideas on building a case for support Landcare into the future.

A link to the resources available in relation to the workshop is below:

Resources relating to the “Learn Share Connect” LLCI Second State-wide webinar held 21st June 2017.
The NSW Government has funded the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative which enables host organisations to employ a coordinator to support the operation and effectiveness of Landcare groups in their area of operations. www.landcare.nsw.gov.au

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