NSW Landcare Sustaining Landcare Week is Happening Now!

‘NSW Sustaining Landcare Week’ is happening across the state supported by the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare (PFL).

Running over 16 days from 17 August until 2 September, Sustaining Landcare Week aims to raise community awareness of the vital work undertaken by Landcare across NSW.

The importance of the community Landcare movement is highlighted by the impact of the drought on farmers and rural communities.

“Landcare is more than just planting trees. It is about sustainable and productive agriculture, environmental conservation, restoration and social capital,” said Landcare NSW Chair Mr Rob Dulhunty.

“Sustaining Landcare is about securing the services and support Landcare groups need to carry out their valuable projects and activities.

“This week is an opportunity for Landcarers and members of the public to come together to share their experiences and knowledge,” said Mr Dulhunty.

Generating understanding of the work undertaken by Landcare and other community organisations is critical to maintaining ongoing support for these groups and their dedicated volunteers.

A recent study commissioned by Landcare NSW shows Landcare contributes $500 million pa in economic value – and this estimate is conservative.

“Although the monetary value of Landcare is significant, it’s knowing Landcare is achieving real outcomes for landholders and communities that is inspiring,” Mr Dulhunty said.

“We have had strong support from the NSW Government since 2015 and this has made a real difference to Landcare on the ground. With the backing of the NSW Government, Landcare NSW and NSW Local Land Services (LLS) are planning the next phase of Landcare support.”

Landcare needs to be well supported to deliver this value.

During Sustaining Landcare week, Landcare groups across the State will be showcasing their work. A Calendar of Events of the planned activities can be found here.

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