NSW Landcare Program – funding beyond 2023

How you can help by reaching out to your local MPs

Landcare NSW and Local Land Services has recently submitted a business case to the Minister for Agriculture for the continuation of the NSW Landcare Program for 2023-2027. A condensed version of the Business Case is provided below under Resources.

To secure election commitments from both parties, we need Landcarers to make the case through their elected representatives. The sooner we can get our message to MPs, the better, as decisions are being made now. Please note your representations do make a difference.

What you can do: We need Members of Parliament to be aware of Landcare’s achievements and our need for continued support. As a priority, will you write a letter from the Chair of your group or organisation to your State Member? Drafts are located below under Resources; please adapt as you see fit as letters are best coming from you as local people with local knowledge.

We would appreciate receiving copies of your letters and any replies you receive via email at communication@landcarensw.org.au. Thanks for your support.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions – Manager, Communications & Governance Jodie Lovell or NSW Landcare Program Manager Peter Taylor on (02) 8339 4816.



Who is my State Member of Parliament?


Should I ask for a meeting?

Yes, it’s a great idea to meet your Local State Member and get to know them and their staff, either through a formal meeting in their office and/or invite them to one of your meetings or even better to an event – take photos and invite the media too! Don’t hesitate to call us for help.

See more tips under Resources below, provided to assist you and your Landcare group to reach out.



Contacting your MP

Tips to contacting your local State MP or MLC 

Draft letter template to your State MP (Word)

Example Letter – Gunning District Landcare Letter to Wendy Tuckerman MP

Example Letter – Greater Sydney Landcare Letter to Victor Dominello MP

The Business Case

Building Resilience – The Future of the NSW Landcare Program (Business Case)

NSW Landcare Program Funding 2023-2027 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions from Q&A session — NSW Landcare Gateway

Social Media Assets

Social media infographic – NSW Landcare Program achievements

Social Media infographic – NSW Landcare Program Return on Investment

Image – Location of Coordinators across NSW

What Landcare does

Key Messages

  • Minister for Agriculture, The Hon. Dugald Saunders has been presented with Landcare NSW and Local Land Services (LLS) business case requiring $59 million for the NSW Landcare Program for 2023-2027.
  • The NSW Landcare Program currently contributes more than $86 Million to NSW from $22.4 million Government investment.
  • The proposed $59 million investment will generate around a quarter of a billion dollars in benefits for NSW regional businesses, government agencies and rural economies, which would be an extraordinary return on government funding.
  • The Government investment will include supporting leadership development heading into the next generation and includes the employment of more than 100 community leaders, including 84 Landcare Coordinators funded through the NSW Landcare Program, who will help combat the increasing skills gap expected to occur over the coming decade in rural and regional NSW. It will also continue to foster resilience in those communities.
  • Landcare is not just about the environment. We are also about the social needs of our communities.
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