NSW Landcare Awards

NSW Landcare Awards

The Landcare Awards are being run this year as a collaboration between Landcare NSW and Local Land Services.  The official award ceremony will be held in Sydney in June (TBC).

The award nominations are now closed with judging taking place for the following categories:

  • Australian Government Climate Innovation Award
  • Australian Government Sustainable Agriculture Landcare Award
  • Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award
  • Australian Government Community Partnerships Landcare Award
  • Greyhound Coastcare Award
  • First Nations Landcare Collaboration Award
  • NextGen Landcare Award
  • Women in Landcare Award
  • Woolworths Junior Landcare Award

With an impressive 139 submissions received, the competition was intense across all nine categories. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination, and eagerly anticipate celebrating alongside the winners and runners-up at the upcoming NSW Landcare Awards.

Assisting the nominators has been a fantastic opportunity to forge connections with the tireless Landcarers who are actively shaping the landscape of our environment. Amongst the array of submissions, it is noteworthy that the Junior Landcare category stands as the pinnacle of enthusiasm, boasting an impressive 34 nominees passionately vying for recognition.

Witnessing our younger generation as they wholeheartedly engage in hands-on environmental efforts is truly inspiring. However, we must acknowledge that behind every initiative lies the steadfast support of committed educators, without whom these impactful endeavours would not come to fruition.

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