Membership and Insurance

You Asked, We Delivered

For a number of years one of the key things Landcare groups have asked for is cost effective insurance that provides adequate protection for group members. Landcare NSW has worked closely with our broker, Ceneta Insurance Services, and insurer Community Underwriting to develop the Landcare NSW Membership & Insurance program.

Also, governments at all levels, investors and partner organisations have asked for accurate information about Landcare in NSW, the number of groups and volunteers involved – the army on the ground. The new Membership and Insurance program is one of the ways that Landcare NSW can collate the information to deliver on this need.

New to membership & insurance?
Membership of Landcare NSW is offered at two levels depending on the income and employer status of your group.

Additionally, the Insurance Program provides Public Liability and Voluntary Workers coverage PLUS Association Liability (if applicable) which covers a range of risks including Professional Indemnity, Officers & Directors Liability and more.

Visit the Landcare NSW Membership & Insurance portal to get an on-line quote for your insurance requirements. Once you have received your quote, you can progress to pay for your membership and policy and you can then access your membership certificate and certificates of currency whenever you need them with your group log-in.

2019 Existing members & policy holders
Renewals for the 2020 membership, and insurance, year fall due on 1st March 2020. Your group will receive an email with renewal instructions in February 2020 and be able to access the Membership & Insurance portal to complete your renewal.

Information Sheet and Pricing

Landcare NSW Membership and Insurance Program Information sheet is available for more details including pricing. Click Here.  Updated 15 February 2019.

A Group Membership & Insurance brochure is also available. Click here.

Refer to our Factsheets for more detailed information about what different insurance products mean for your group (no.30) and making sure your group’s membership structure covers your members (no.31)

Portal Training Guide

A Training Guide is available with step by step instructions for navigating the portal. Click Here.

Need Assistance?

The Landcare NSW team are available to assist on email

Requests for additional quotations, assistance with technical insurance questions, claims and IT portal/log in trouble shooting are to be directed to the Landcare NSW Account Manager at our Broker, Ceneta at

Access the list of Frequently Asked Questions here (updated 15 February 2019)

Useful Tools for Risk Management and more...
Refer to the Landcare Templates for a range of information – including the Work Health & Safety Policy template which includes an incident report template.
Templates are also available for Health & Safety Issue reporting; Health & Safety Issue register and Incident and Near Miss report.  All these resources are made available to you to assist with risk management.

Access the Membership and Insurance Portal

The Landcare NSW Insurance portal is now open

New to Membership & Insurance?

Please request a quote using the form below

Existing members & policy holders

You can access the Membership & Insurance portal to complete your renewal by clicking on the button below



Not located in NSW but still want insurance?

Please email us to request an individualised quote

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Representation – one voice

  • We make representations to governments on behalf of our members.
  • We convey advice and feedback from the grassroots to decision-makers on issues affecting Landcare at the local, state and federal level.
  • We provide leadership, ideas and direction.

Member services we provide

  • Access to the Landcare NSW Insurance Scheme
  • Community of practice: sharing ideas, knowledge and successful initiatives
  • Guidelines, policy templates, advice and support on every aspect of running an effective Landcare group
  • Information and guidance on funding and upcoming grant opportunities


  • Belong to a volunteer-led national and global grassroots movement
  • Make a difference to your local natural environment
  • Build partnerships across physical and social boundaries.

Access to information, networking and events

  • Receive The Advocate and online bulletins and updates
  • Attend workshops and forums on research, policy and best practice
  • Join field days and site tours
  • Participate in the bi-annual Muster
  • Win awards for excellence
  • From 1 March 2017 membership of Landcare NSW has changed.  Incorporated group members with membership prior to this date have been invited to renew membership.
  • Membership will incur a fee and will provide a number of member benefits
    • Access to a competitive insurance package for groups
    • Access to a range of information, advice and services
    • Quarterly updates on Landcare NSW activities and new information
    • Quick feedback loop on the important issues affecting Landcare at both State and Federal levels
    • By adding your voice we can be more effective at every level
  • Groups can access membership via the Membership and Insurance Portal.

Membership of Landcare NSW is open to any Landcare or community based group with similar objectives, which is an incorporated entity. In the event of admission as a member, the group agrees to be bound by the constitution and rules of the association.

Extract from our constitutional mission and objects below.  For the complete Constitution click here.


To represent, promote and advocate on behalf of community-based Landcare and community driven sustainable natural resource management in NSW.


(i) Provide a forum for Landcarers across NSW to work collaboratively to improve the resources and support structures available to community-based natural resource management organisations and actions;

(ii) Develop Landcare policies and programs which encourage and educate the community in sustainable natural resource management;

(iii) Strengthen partnerships and networks to increase and support community involvement in sustainable natural resource management.

(iv) Foster Landcare projects across NSW which:

1.  Increase the capacity of primary producers to introduce sustainable agricultural practices and practices conserving the natural environment;

2.  Promote community action which protects and rehabilitates the native flora and fauna of NSW;

3.  Protect, enhance and rehabilitate the natural environment in both urban and rural areas;

(v) Represent the Landcare community in NSW to all levels of government to affirm and promote the important role of community-based groups in sustainable natural resource management, planning and governance;

(vi) Establish and maintain a public fund to be called the Landcare NSW Fund for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objects/purposes of the association.