Landcare NSW has been engaged by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to facilitate the delivery of workshops and activities aimed at increasing landholder uptake of best practice management of invasive species.

This project provides an opportunity to build partnerships between Landcare, land managers, government agencies and local government to improve the delivery of collaborative management actions targeting established pest animals and widespread weeds across NSW.

State Landcare Coordinator Natasha English said:

“11 regional workshops will be held across the state during November to identify activities needed in each region. These workshops aim to bring local partners together to highlight what activities are already occurring in each region, discuss local needs and how best to utilise the MEPAAW project in each region.

“With this information we can then add value to existing activities, and address gaps that may not currently be resourced.

“Networks are encouraged to seek feedback from members regarding concerns or potential training needs for managing established invasive species,” said Natasha English.

Funds will be made available for Landcare Networks to coordinate and deliver training/extension activities.

Discussions and outcomes from the regional workshops will be compiled into an activities plan/report. The activities plan will identify the priority activities to be implemented through the MEPAAW project e.g. what training/extension activities will be delivered.

 Activities will be delivered between November 2018 and April 2019.

This project is managed by Landcare NSW, and is conducted under the auspices of the Joint Management Committee of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW.

Please contact Project Manager Bec Ballard for more information:
Mobile: 0429 473 570