Local Land Services and Landcare NSW are stronger together in approach to NLP2

The National Landcare Program Phase 2 provides a rare and important opportunity for the Landcare community to build strong, capable organisations that are ready to take on the big challenges in conservation and sustainable agriculture.

Effective partnerships are crucial to accessing the NLP2 funds.

And projects that unite the talents and strengths of government and community will deliver the best results.

The Chair of Landcare NSW, Rob Dulhunty and the Chair of LLS, Richard Bull, have issued a Partnership Statement which sets out their expectations of Landcare and LLS working together at all levels.

“We are already seeing LLS and Landcare working together in many regions,” said Rob Dulhunty. “Now we want to extend that through an integrated statewide approach that caters for regional variations.”

In 2015 Local Land Services and Landcare NSW formalised their partnership and signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The partnership was formed on the recognition that the organisations share many goals and would be stronger by working together. This approach has already been shown to be effective.

“Working together in regard to NLP2 will require leadership and commitment from both organisations at all levels,” said Rob Dulhunty. “Collaboration takes time and effort but the rewards are great.”


A Statement of the Partnership in Approach to National Landcare Program Phase 2 (pdf) – November 2017


If you have any questions, please contact Sonia Williams on 0411 113 590 or swilliams@landcarensw.org.au




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