Landcare NSW and Local Government NSW

Landcare NSW & Local Government NSW as peak bodies are committed to advocacy and representation for all its members.Via a Memorandum of Understanding, both Landcare NSW and Local Government NSW are working together within their local communities across NSW to make a real difference with on ground works and environmentally sustainable natural resources management.

$300 Landcare NSW Associate Membership

Landcare NSW is delighted to offer Associate membership to all LGNSW members for only $300 for until 30 June 2023.

This new and innovative membership framework allows LGNSW members (councils and associate members) to access a range of benefits and services to connect directly with Landcare NSW grassroots-led, volunteer-driven movement.

Several LGNSW members already work closely with local Landcare NSW regional networks and groups to achieve great results though collaboration and the co-ordination of activities and resources. The MOU between Landcare NSW and LGNSW seeks to build, open and strengthen existing relationships and forge new connections.


And receive a 75% discount for Local Government NSW members!

Landcare NSW Associate Membership Benefits

As a peak body for the Landcare movement in NSW, Landcare NSW represent 60,000 active Landcarer’s from 3000+ groups. Associate membership allows LGNSW members to collaborate, co-ordinate and support their vital “hands on” activities, workshops, social engagement, and educational outcomes.


Work with our team at Landcare NSW and our wider network of 75+ skilled regionally based Landcare Coordinators based across NSW to collaborate and achieve environmental protection, sustainable agriculture and natural resource management outcomes.

Landcare NSW is also uniquely positioned to support LGNSW members to reach their sustainability targets in all areas of natural resource management protection, preservation, and rehabilitation including carbon offsetting.


LGNSW members have access to Landcare NSW’s funding pipeline and the opportunity to partner with Landcare NSW on projects and joint funding applications for on-ground activities, research, resilience and capacity building.


Members gain access to a resource library of over 5,000 detailed case studies covering all aspects of Natural Resource Management assembled via the Landcare NSW program team.

Sponsorship and Cross Promotional Opportunities

The marketing communication team at Landcare NSW can facilitate connection to thousands of Landcare groups and individual Landcarers across the State for LGNSW members to coordinate delivery of a range of community led, volunteer driven natural resource management activities & projects.

Associate Membership

For further information or assistance

phone 02 8339 4816 (M-F business hours)


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