Landcarer’s holistic management approach is paying dividends during drought

Long time Landcarer Martin Royds has taken a holistic management approach on his Braidwood property in the South East of NSW and its paying dividends.

Martin sits on the Landcare NSW Executive Committee and is the regional representative for South East Landcare. He recently featured in an article in the Canberra Times that details how he has transitioned from “moron” farmer to having a farm full of water.

“I’ve now realised that if we work with it, the land will work with you and it really gets a lot easier.”

These are not times any farmer, including Mr Royds, would describe as easy.

But the holistic management approaches he has taken on his 457-hectare farm, Jillamatong, mean his costs of production are minimal, allowing him to cope better than most with the drought that has hit NSW and the ACT hard.

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Photo courtesy of Karleen Minney, The Canberra Times.

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