Landcare takes steps towards greater self-reliance

Landcare NSW finishes 2017 with significant progress achieved towards the goal of diversifying funding sources, building self-reliance and professionalising the organisation.

‘The Government will always be Landcare’s primary partner but to grow and thrive into the future we need to create new sources to fund the core services Landcare needs,” said Chair, Rob Dulhunty.

‘Landcare needs Local Landcare Coordinators and statewide support services in order to operate,’ said Mr Dulhunty. ‘And we are providing these through our partnership with Local Land Services and the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative.

‘The NSW Government is also helping us build our organisational capability to generate income streams to help fund Landcare support into the future.

‘In the past two years Landcare NSW has made significant progress towards a diversified funding model,’ he said.

As a statewide peak body, Landcare NSW aims to provide value to the incorporated Landcare groups who make up the majority of paid members.  A key benefit is the cost effective insurance program which has already been taken up by 154 Landcare organisations in NSW.  The program has now been picked up by other state and territory Landcare organisations.

Landcare NSW has built the legal, financial and organisational structures to enable donors to claim a tax deduction and the first donations have already been made.

An initiative has been launched to enable individuals to sign up as financial supporters, offering a Membership and Rewards Program including an ‘e-wallet’ which gives individual Landcare Supporters discounts at 600 retail outlets with a portion of savings donated to Landcare NSW

Contact is being made with new partners, investors and donors who have expressed an interest in learning more about Landcare in NSW.

Another area that holds promise are fee-for-service arrangements.  Landcare NSW has been working to carve out a role in the NSW Government’s new Container Deposit Scheme, working alongside other NFPs with shared goals.  Discussions are also occurring with NSW Government agencies regarding opportunities for Landcarers to work with the Government on areas of mutual interest.

As an organisation Landcare NSW is building organisational capacity.

‘In 2017 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Volunteers and a small group of paid staff have achieved enormous progress building structures that will enable Landcare to grow and thrive into the future.

‘As we commence our second decade, we are focused on meeting the challenge of managing the next stage of growth,’ said Mr Dulhunty.

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