Landcare seeks continued NSW Government support for Local Coordinators

Landcarers are urging the NSW Government to provide $32.5m over four years from July 2019 to ensure volunteer Landcarers in rural, coastal and urban areas have the support they need to carry out their valuable work to protect and restore our natural resources.

The Government’s NSW Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative ends in June 2019. To enable a seamless transition to the next phase of the program, an allocation is sought in this year’s State Budget.

“We can’t risk breaking the momentum that’s been built over the past three years,” said Landcare NSW Chair Rob Dulhunty.

“With leadership and support from the State Government and Local Land Services, Landcare is undergoing a resurgence. We are seeing new groups forming and old groups being revived, leading to a substantial increase in voluntary activity to protect and restore our natural resources.

“Good work is happening around the State but to keep it going Landcarers need support in the form of Local Coordinators and statewide services; this is the core infrastructure that Landcare needs,” said Mr Dulhunty.

“Through community action, ownership and on ground work we can change attitudes and practices and do the hard yards of removing pests and weeds, planting trees, building fences, protecting water sources and many other practical measures,” said Mr Dulhunty.

The Government’s investment in Landcare is multiplied by the community’s own work to leverage additional financial and in-kind support.

For nearly 30 years, Landcare has provided a model for landholders and communities. Landcare NSW is working hard to diversify funding streams but this 60,000-strong volunteer workforce needs continued government funding and support to enable them to get on with the job of protecting our previous natural resources.

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