Landcare NSW visits Monaro region

Landcare NSW CEO Dr Adrian Zammit visited the Monaro region this week where he met with Landcare members and local landholders from the Upper Snowy Landcare Network (USLN) and Murrumbidgee Landcare Networks (MLN).

Visiting the Monaro dieback area project, Dr Zammit said he was heartened to see the progress that was being made in restoring the landscape after the shocking tree dieback that has occurred there.

 “The installation of the 2016 biodiversity plots and growth that has happened since then is inspiring. The fact that these new local native plants are already flowering bodes well for further natural regeneration. The 20 plots across the Monaro will also feed into research on how best to manage future planting endeavours on both on a small and large scale,” said Dr Zammit.

“A project of this scale is incredible and reflects the dedication, passion and knowledge our Landcare networks possess. With so many challenges, Upper Snowy Landcare Network and others – including their many funders – are committed to restoring the biodiversity to the landscape and encourage landholders to do the same.

“The local and regional NSW Landcare Coordinators are doing an incredible job in accessing the best knowledge and practice to ensure that the landscapes and waterways in the Upper Snowy and Murrumbidgee region are healthy and sustainable.”

Upper Snowy Landcare Network Chair, Dr Margaret Mackinnon, said she was thrilled to have Dr Zammit visit the region and to share with him the realities, successes and challenges of being in Landcare on the Monaro.

“The Upper Snowy and Upper Murrumbidgee catchments are incredibly diverse but climatically severe. We all strive to see our landscapes and waterways flourish but it’s not easy,” said Dr Mackinnon.

“With local and regional Landcare groups and networks running many targeted events, along with the work of committed volunteers and the part-time coordinators and a more highly aware community, future generations will reap the benefits of restored or protected biodiversity.

“We are so pleased to be able to share our triumphs and our concerns regarding the Landcare coordination with Adrian and are confident he is representing our interests, goals and needs at a state and national level.” said Dr Mackinnon.

“Having Adrian here to tour the region, with other key stakeholders, is fantastic. The conversations that flowed amongst this diverse group were invaluable,” said Dr Mackinnon.

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