Landcare NSW Strategic Plan 2021-2022

I am pleased to present the Landcare NSW Strategic Plan 2021-2022 which has been developed in consultation with the NSW Landcare community with input and guidance from Landcare NSW Musters, Landcare NSW Council, Executive Committee and staff.

Landcare is a grassroots, iconic Australian institution that works endlessly to improve the health of our environment, farms and communities, delivering well over $500 million a year in triple bottom line benefits to NSW.

Landcare NSW is the peak body for community Landcare in NSW, representing the interests of around 60,000 Landcarers and approximately 3,000 Landcare, Bushcare, Coastcare, Dunecare, Rivercare and other ‘care’ groups.

The Landcare community’s passion, knowledge, dedication and effort underpins the Landcare movement’s unique value proposition, which in turn provides the building blocks and impetus for Landcare NSW’s continued growth and development.

I believe Landcare NSW has an exciting future.

This strategy is focused on the priorities of the State body but recognises that the purpose and guiding mission of Landcare NSW is to deliver what community Landcare needs in NSW.

Make no mistake – everything that is included in this strategic plan is for the benefit of the Landcare community. Landcare NSW is an enabler for Landcare groups in NSW to grow and prosper, to acquire the skills and resources they need to do the work on the ground.

The strategy is about evolution, innovation, collaboration, partnerships and growth. Building on Landcare’s 30-year history, heritage and track record of delivery, Landcare NSW has set out clear priorities that will deliver the resources and services the Landcare community needs to ensure a thriving future for the Landcare movement in NSW.

We hope you enjoy reading about the future direction of Landcare NSW. Please feel free to contact us with questions, feedback and comments:

Yours sincerely,

Dr Adrian Zammit | CEO
Landcare NSW Inc.


Landcare NSW Strategic Plan 2021-2022 

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