Land and environment jobs would help to build a post-COVID economy

Landcare NSW is disappointed the Federal Budget did not include funding for a Land Management and Conservation Stimulus Package but recommends the Federal Government keep the idea on the table.

Landcare NSW welcomes the Budget allocation for projects to improve ocean health, renew visitor infrastructure in world heritage sites and expand recycling infrastructure.

“This Budget focused on tax cuts and infrastructure but there is still a chance for the Government to stimulate the economy by working with the volunteer Landcare community to create jobs in managing the land and environment,” said Landcare NSW CEO Dr Adrian Zammit.

In the lead up to the Budget, along with 70 farming and conservation groups around the country, Landcare NSW asked the Federal Government to fund a national conservation jobs plan.

Dr Adrian Zammit, said: “Our sector stands ready to make a massive contribution to job creation around the country.

“We are confident we can stimulate the economy by creating jobs to restore the environment which has been severely impacted by fires and drought.

“Our land needs people to plant trees, erect fencing, restore riverbanks, remove pests and weeds and create habitat for threatened species,” said Dr Zammit.

“These are the kind of jobs and training young people want.

“Building homes and supporting business is welcome but we need a greater focus on the natural infrastructure that sustains our quality of life and enables wildlife to survive.”

Landcare is a well-established, trusted community movement that has robust systems, sound financial management and experience, enabling it to scale up quickly to deliver land and environment projects.

‘This investment would create social, economic and environmental benefits in the short, medium and long term,’ said Dr Zammit.

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