Landcare NSW offers a bespoke and discounted insurance program for incorporated member groups* with membership including Volunteer Workers, General and Public Liability, and Association Liability cover and is designed specifically for Landcare groups to safely conduct their activities, events and operation with appropriate cover.

* Insurance coverage is available for incorporated group members only.

*Please note the use of firearms are restricted for training purposes ONLY under the Landcare NSW 2022-2023 Master Policy. Further details on usage and mandatory requirement are provided in the Hazardous Activities Overview.

Our Insurer and Broker

Landcare NSW works with Aon Risk Services Australia Limited to offer a cost-effective insurance package that meets the needs and requirements of our member groups.

Insurance Products

The 2022-23 Landcare NSW program combines membership with three standard insurance policies provided by AON insurance under a Master Policy arrangement based on the following inclusions & limits below.

Paid Landcare NSW members are ‘named parties’ on the master policy.

The fees for the 2022-23 program offers 16 months cover until 30/06/2023

Volunteer Workers insurance
Death & Capital Benefit: $25,000
Weekly Benefit: $500

General & Product Liability insurance
Total Cover $20,000,000

Association Liability insurance
Total cover $20,000,000

Product Disclosure Statements

Aon Risk Services Australia Limited Documents:

Not for Profit Protector/Association Liability Insurance Policy (PDF)

Not for Profit General and Products Liability Insurance Policy (PDF)

Not For Profit Facility Voluntary Workers Insurance Product Disclosure Statement (PDF)

Not For Profit Voluntary Workers Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy (PDF)

Disclaimer: The information provided by Aon Risk Services Australia Limited on this website/document is for general information purposes only, and it is not a substitute for professional advice. You should always consider the PDS/Policy wording before making a decision. Coverage may differ based on specific clauses in individual policies. Refer to the FSG on our website or by requesting a copy for our services and remuneration details.

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