Landcare NSW is responsible for providing leadership, representing, supporting, strengthening and growing the community Landcare movement in NSW to improve the health of our natural and working landscapes.Our structures, activities and operations meet legal requirements, have probity, are transparent and accountable. Landcare NSW strives to meet best practice in everything it does.



Landcare NSW acts as the conduit between local Landcare communities and key decision makers, working to ensure that local communities are supported at every level by providing leadership, skills, resources and representation.

We are building the capacity of Landcare NSW and its member groups into a compelling, influential, financially sustainable and agile movement that continually delivers positive impacts and value to funders, partners and ultimately our land, environment and communities through efficiencies, effectiveness and innovation.

Everything we do is for the betterment and the benefit of our members. We continuously reinforce our member-centric approach by delivering member value, support, representation and by driving growth in membership and engagement.


The constitution of Landcare NSW incorporated herein is in accordance with Schedule 1 of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009, and the Associations Regulation 2016.


Landcare NSW strategic direction is guided by the endorsed regional representatives from each Landcare region in NSW. Councillors are responsible for ensuring the views of groups in their region are represented faithfully at the state level and they share information gathered at Council meetings to their region.


Landcare NSW holds an AGM every November. Each Landcare NSW region has an endorsed representative sit on the Landcare NSW Council. These members are selected by their regional representative group.