Federal MPs celebrate Landcare with new friendship group

Landcare NSW has expressed enthusiasm for the newly-formed Federal Parliamentary Friends of Landcare (PFL).

“It’s very encouraging to see Members of the Federal Parliament taking an interest in our work,” said Landcare NSW CEO Dr Adrian Zammit. “This is especially important in the context of what will follow NLP2 in terms of long term funding and support for the grassroots community Landcare movement.”

NSW was the first State to form a friendship group in 2015. This group has been very successful and is highly valued by Landcarers and MPs.

“It has enabled us to build a relationship between the NSW Landcare community and the NSW Parliament, we constantly reinforce Landcare’s long tradition of bipartisanship,” said Dr Zammit.

This year, two Federal Senators – Perin Davey representing NSW, and Raff Ciccone representing Victoria – have created a group in the Federal Parliament which already has around 25 members.

Senator Davey is based in Deniliquin and knows a number of Landcarers in her local area.

The aims of the Federal PFL are to celebrate the success of Landcare and to help the community respond to challenges and opportunities. Senators Davey and Ciccone are planning events to enable interaction between Parliamentarians and the Landcare movement.

Landcare NSW encourages all Landcare groups in NSW to contact their Federal Member of Parliament and encourage them to join the Federal PFL.

All they need to do is contact the offices of either Senator Perin Davey or Senator Raff Ciccone, see contact details below.

Contact Senator Perin Davey
Contact Senator Raff Ciccone 

Media Releases

NLN_National Parlimentary Friends of Landcare_Media Release

Joint Media Release-Parliamentary Friends of Landcare- Ciccone Davey

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