From Pledges to Practices: How Landcare NSW Prioritises Genuine Commitment to Biodiversity

In an era dominated by sustainability jargon and many Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pledges, it’s essential to discern between mere words and measurable action.

One organisation has been consistently leading by example – Landcare NSW.

Biodiversity Month, September 2023, was an opportune time to reflect on what genuine commitment to our environment looks like. While many tout their strategies and upcoming initiatives, Landcare NSW has been methodically working on the ground, ensuring the State of NSW’s 30 by 2030 commitments (aligned with international biodiversity benchmarks) are not merely aspirations but achievable targets.

We are not an organisation that rests on laurels (of any sort) or makes exaggerated promises. We are about demonstrable results. As such, we focus more on outcomes than on process. NSW’s rich biodiversity doesn’t benefit from future projections but from immediate and deliberate action – an ethos Landcare NSW embraces daily.

The relevance of NSW’s 30 by 2030 commitments extends beyond environmental benchmarks. It signifies a commitment to the legacy we leave for future generations, indicating that in NSW, we don’t just anticipate change – we initiate it.

However, the magnitude of such an endeavour requires collaboration.

True commitment to our environment isn’t measured by the promises we make but by our actions. Every tree planted every habitat restored, is a testament to NSW’s unwavering dedication to a sustainable future.

The Path Forward

For investors who recognise that genuine worth isn’t solely in financial metrics but in facilitating a sustainable legacy, consider this: Landcare NSW stands as a beacon of real environmental and community stewardship.

I challenge all ESG proponents to scrutinise their contributions: Are they merely declarations or avenues of genuine progress? The tangible results of Landcare NSW speak for themselves.

For those committed to a balanced and biodiverse NSW, now is the moment for action. We invite investors to align with an organisation whose primary focus is impactful, lasting change, not mere rhetoric.


– Dr Turlough Guerin, CEO, Landcare NSW

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