Muster helps to shape the future of Landcare in NSW

Landcare NSW would like to thank all Landcarers who participated in or contributed to the 2017 NSW Landcare Muster.

The 2017 Muster provided an opportunity for the diverse Landcare community to capture collective issues and consistent themes. The outcomes of the ‘many hands one voice’ concept of the Muster guides the actions of Landcare NSW between Musters. The Final report of the Muster has now been completed.

“Since 2007 Landcare NSW has hosted a biennial Muster to gain feedback from grassroots Landcarers about issues of importance to them and their communities,” said Landcare NSW Chair Mr Rob Dulhunty.

“This final report captures your input at the 2017 Muster. This provides Landcare NSW with guidance as to matters of importance to grassroots Landcarers, and suggests actions that can help achieve the outcomes desired.

“All level of Landcare have a role in working towards these outcomes – Landcare NSW commits to doing so at the state level; and as we look forward to supporting local Landcarers in achieving outcomes at the local district and regional scales,” Mr Dulhunty said.

To read the full report, click below:

2017 Landcare NSW Muster Report (pdf)

Sustaining Landcare – on the radar but no certainty

The message about the need for continued Government funding and a clear policy framework for Landcare support is cutting through thanks to the hard work of local Landcarers.

Landcare groups across the State have written to their local Member of Parliament about the positive impact of the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative and the need for the partnership with Government to continue.

While Landcarers accept the need to diversify funding and find new avenues to fund Landcare infrastructure and projects, the widespread view of the Landcare community remains that Government funding is fundamental to match the enormous voluntary, financial and in-kind contribution of the community.

The Minister for Primary Industries, the Hon Niall Blair, has indicated a willingness to discuss future funding. Landcare is on the radar but we don’t know what the future holds. The Minister is a strong supporter of Landcare, as is the Chair of Local Land Services, Mr Richard Bull. This unity has been critical to the momentum that has been built over the past three years.

The LLCI concludes in June 2019 and Landcare NSW has emphasised the importance of maintaining continuity and momentum. The new arrangements under the National Landcare Program are not yet known however it appears the picture across the State varies greatly.