Membership of Landcare NSW is open to any Landcare or community based group with similar objectives, which is an incorporated entity.

In the event of admission as a member, the group agrees to be bound by the constitution and rules of the association. Landcare NSW different membership categories and depends on the size of your group or organisation.

To find out more fill out the form below and a friendly representative will be in touch. Alternatively, you can speak directly with our Membership Officer to discuss your needs by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Landcare NSW Membership and Insurance Program Information sheet is available for more details including pricing. Click Here.  Updated 15 February 2019.

A Group Membership & Insurance brochure is also available. Click here.

Refer to our Factsheets for more detailed information about what different insurance products mean for your group (no.30) and making sure your group’s membership structure covers your members (no.31).

A Training Guide is available with step by step instructions for navigating the portal. Click Here.

Access the list of Frequently Asked Questions here (updated 15 February 2019)