August Update – The Governance Project: Connecting Up Landcare

Landcare NSW is currently undertaking a Governance Project to review the governance system and ‘connect up’ the many elements that make up the Landcare NSW community.

Work began in late 2020 with extensive research to understand the current system and identify areas for reform. There has been in depth discussion with the Council of Landcare NSW and engagement with the Landcare community via online regional workshops. There is broad-based support for the project all across the State.

Landcare NSW thanks the regional leaders who have engaged in the process so far for their valuable feedback and insights. In response to members feedback, the propositions for change have evolved to ensure the system is co-designed with input from the Landcare community.

Engagement will continue in the coming months with a second round of regional consultations led by Landcare NSW Chair Steph Cameron to ensure everyone feels comfortable moving forward and to work through the remaining issues with a couple of regions.

The project is being facilitated by Randall Pearce of Think Insight Advice. Randall consults to not-for-profit organisations across Australia and has worked with Landcare NSW since 2014.

All feedback is welcome and we encourage all Landcarers, especially those on committees and in leadership roles, to engage with this project. If you have questions or comments, please contact

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