NSW Landcare Program (2019 – 2023)

The NSW Landcare Program is a state, regional and local investment in the partnership between Local Land Services and Landcare NSW, empowering people to take action on local problems and deliver outcomes across local and regional issues.

The NSW Landcare Program 2019 – 2023 builds on the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative (2015 – 2019), a number of previous Landcare Support Programs and regional Landcare investment made through National Landcare Program and Catchment Action over the last four years and beyond.

The Program is comprised of a number of components:

  • Local and Regional Landcare Coordinators;
  • A Community of Practice Component;
  • People Development;
  • Aboriginal Program; and
  • Program Management and Support.

The Regional Landcare Coordinator is a new role with nine of 11 positions already filled. Contracts have gone out to 72 host organisations with 68 Local Landcare Coordinators employed on a part-time basis.The Regional Landcare Coordinators will work with the 68 part time Local Landcare Coordinators who support the 60,000-strong volunteer Landcare network across NSW. Hosted by local organisations such as Landcare groups, Councils and industry organisations, they are a key resource that underpin local and regional communities of practice and the capacity of Landcarers to participate in on ground actions.

The Program is a collaborative endeavour of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW, supported by the NSW Government and overseen by a Joint Management Committee.

A memorandum of understanding underpins the Committee’s operations and those of the Program.

Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative (2015-19)

The Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative arose from Landcare NSW facilitating and supporting a grassroots Landcare campaign, to gain support from Government that would allow not only the continuation of a state level Landcare support program, but the significant expansion of this to include resourcing for a network of locally based Landcare Coordinators.
The result was a commitment from the NSW State Government of $15 million over 4 years to support Landcare in NSW, built upon a partnership between governments and the community, so as to unlock the full potential of the thousands of volunteers in the network.
With facilitation from the Natural Resources Commission, Landcare NSW and Local Land Services contributed to the design of the resultant program – known as the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative (LLCI). The LLCI is jointly delivered by Local Land Services and Landcare NSW, and Landcare NSW is pleased to present a report on the first 18 months of delivery by Landcare NSW on the State Landcare Coordinator and Community of Practice components of the program. Whilst Landcare NSW has been contracted under the program to deliver these components, it is acknowledged that all aspects are very much a partnership of delivery with Local Land Services, under the direction and review of the Joint Management Committee – headed by the Chairs of both organisations, and underpinned by the signing of an MOU.

LLCI State-Wide Webinar 2017

Held on 21st June, the webinar took place remotely at 10 locations across NSW and connected all Regional Landcare Facilitators, Local Landcare Coordinators and members of management committees / host organisations via video conferencing facility.

Resources relating to the “Learn Share Connect” LLCI Second State-wide webinar held 21st June 2017.


Biodiversity Review

 Landcare NSW Biodiversity Workshops

Landcare NSW, in conjunction with regional Landcare networks, through the support of the NSW Environmental Trust, delivered a series of eight workshops across NSW during the submission phase of the NSW Biodiversity Reforms.  Landcare NSW provided a confidential submission to the reform process and has released Collective comments from the Landcare NSW Biodiversity Reform Workshops for the information of the landcare community and interested parties. This Project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust. OEH_ETlogoWrd

EDO NSW Biodiversity Reform Package

Video Now Available to View: Click here.

Description for video: Nari Sahukar is a Senior Solicitor in the Policy & Law Reform Team at the Environmental Defender’s Office, or EDO NSW. The EDO is a non-government, community legal centre established in 1985 to help people use the law to protect their environment. They get over 1000 calls a year to their free legal advice line (most from rural and regional areas), and they help people understand how environmental and planning laws affect them. The EDO also publishes factsheets and guides to the law for rural landholders, on topics like managing vegetation, private land conservation, Aboriginal heritage and mining laws.

The 2016 NSW Biodiversity Reforms: 6 Things You Need to Know

  1. “What is proposed?”– [2:50mins] Other parts are major changes.
  2. “Biodiversity Assessment Method” [3:30mins] – The Govt proposes to expand its biodiversity assessment and offsetting scheme.
  3. “Private Land Conservation” [4:15mins] – Private land conservation.
  4. “Native veg map” [5:40mins] – Rural clearing under the LLS Bill…
  5. “Missed opportunity?” [8:00mins] – 10 things that biodiversity law should do…
  6. “Further info” [10:00mins].

Biodiversity Webinar for Landcare

On Friday 17th June, the NSW Government held a webinar for the Landcare community. It’s purpose was to discuss the proposed biodiversity reforms and give Landcarers a chance to ask questions, before submitting comments before 28 June. You can watch the webinar here. The presentation slides of the webinar are available. Please click here to download.

Biodiversity Webinar

The speakers from left to right: Kristian Holz from DPI (Department of Primary Industries), Jeremy Black from OEH (Office of Environment and Heritage), Brian Elton from Elton Consulting, Paul Elton, OEH (Office of Environment and Heritage) and Rob Dulhunty, Chair Landcare NSW.

Regional Australia Bank project

Regional Australia Bank (formerly Community Mutual) partnered with Landcare NSW for their e-statement campaign. For every customer that switched to receiving their statements electronically, Landcare NSW receives $1.
This support the activities of local Landcare groups in the operating area of Regional Australia Bank to undertake their environmental conservation, education and sustainable agriculture projects.
The partnership has been running since 2013. During the 2013-14 period 4 projects were supported. This report covers the use of funds received and allocated during the 2014-2015 period. These projects have now been completed and are outlined in this report.
Landcare NSW and the local Landcare groups involved in 2014/16 would like to thank Regional Australia Bank for their on-going support.

RAB Supporting Documents


Communities in Landscapes

The Communities in Landscapes project was led by Landcare NSW and funded under the Australian Government program Caring for Our Country. Partners included CSIRO; Landcare NSW; Grassy Box Gum Woodlands Conservation Management Network; NSW Office of Environment and Heritage; Industry & Investment; Capital Region Greening Australia’s Florabank; University of Sydney; STIPA Native Grasses Association Inc; NSW Department of Primary Industries.