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The Local Landcare Coordinators Initiative – a partnership between Landcare NSW and the NSW Government

In 2015, the NSW Government cemented its commitment to Landcare NSW by developing and funding a new Landcare policy.

The policy is being implemented through a partnership between Landcare NSW and NSW Local Land Services (LLS).

At the September 2015 Landcare NSW Conference in Orange a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with LLS was signed to strengthen the partnership between us for the benefit of communities and landscapes throughout NSW.

At the conference the Hon. Niall Blair, Minister for Primary Industries, announced a $15 million, four-year NSW Local Landcare Coordinators Initiative setting up a network of locally-based coordinators and a centralised support team to increase the effectiveness of the Landcare network.

The funding will renew the government-community relationship and unlock the full potential of the thousands of Landcare volunteers so they can continue with the job of restoring and protecting natural resources and strengthening local communities.

The initiative includes development of a sustainable funding source to support volunteers into the future.
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It has three prongs:

Local Landcare Coordinators 

A network of 60 part-time locally-based coordinators working with local Landcare groups and networks to deliver strategically-aligned programs, as well as providing support and guidance. Their goal is to build capacity and connections within local communities to produce on-ground change.
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Community of Practice 

A centralised support team and community of practice to increase the activity and effectiveness of the Landcare network by providing a consistent approach to building capacity across the state. This is done through sharing information, training and communication, and collecting and collating information.
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Landcare Trust – Future Fund

A new model to enable philanthropists, governments, community members and partners from all sectors to assist in Landcare’s transition towards financial stability and continuity, ensuring the volunteer effort can be supported well into the future.
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Chair Rob Dulhunty signing MOU with LLS 2 September 2015

Chair Rob Dulhunty signing MOU with LLS 2 September 2015