Landcare NSW Unveils Ambitious 5-Year Strategic Plan

Landcare NSW has launched its Strategic Business Plan for 2022-2027, charting an ambitious roadmap to drive the Landcare movement in New South Wales towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

The plan, available for review on the Landcare NSW website, focuses on four pivotal pillars:

  • member-centredness,
  • community-led action,
  • sustainable landscapes,
  • and effective partnerships.

Among its standout objectives is the goal to propel the Landcare movement to a staggering 1 million participants by 2040. This audacious target is rooted in strategies aimed at providing stability, bolstering memberships, increasing engagement, and affirming the organisation’s credentials as a trusted partner in natural resource management.

Turlough Guerin, CEO of Landcare NSW, commented on the plan’s release, stating, “The goals we’ve set are both challenging and entirely achievable. At the heart of this vision is the trust we build within our teams, our network of coordinators, the State Advisory Council, the Board, and our partners. Recognising the irreplaceable value of grassroots volunteers remains central to our ethos.”

The plan also underscores a commitment to exceed obligations to the current Landcare Program, concluding in July 2023. There’s a strong advocacy push for an enhanced state-based care program funded by the NSW Government for 2023-2027. This commitment further solidifies Landcare NSW’s dedication to its mission and the communities it serves.

Another highlight of the plan is the ‘Digitalisation Project’. This initiative will examine Landcare NSW’s current digital assets, assess the needs of its grassroots members, and co-design approaches to streamline on-ground tasks like data collection and reporting. The overarching objective is to simplify processes, allowing members to focus on their passion for the environment.

Landcare NSW is also spearheading the ‘Natural Capital Supply Chain’ project. This venture seeks to create a reliable seed library and tree nursery, ensuring Landcare groups and partners have consistent access to quality seeds and plants.

Furthermore, the organisation recognises the importance of culture. A dedicated ‘Culture Change Project’ aims to cultivate an atmosphere where people say, “I want to be part of that.” The vision is to foster a culture of collaboration, trust, and inclusivity, ensuring that all – from volunteers to executive volunteers and Team leaders – feel valued, included, and rewarded.

As Landcare NSW strides into the future, its emphasis on leadership development, collaboration with government agencies, and a unified national voice in environmental management and agricultural production positions the organisation as a beacon in environmental stewardship and a model of government and NGO collaboration.

For more information on the Landcare NSW 5-Year Strategic Plan and its numerous initiatives, please visit the official website at

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