MUSTER TIMING: The  2022 Muster will  be held prior to the NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference in Tweed Heads on the 15th March 2022 at Twin Towns Tweed Heads  (8:30am – 12:30pm).


The Musters and Mini Muster brings grassroots Landcarers together to discuss the strategic direction of Landcare in NSW and its peak body, Landcare NSW. The Muster is open to all regardless of membership with Landcare NSW. Hosting a Mini Muster enables regions to discuss issues of importance and provide advice to Landcare NSW without having to attend the State Muster, however they are always optional.


In previous years, regional Mini Musters were organised to extract topics for discussion at the main Muster. This paper is being provided to feed into your regional Mini Muster. Mini Musters are optional and can be at the discretion of the region through whatever format suits your region addressing COVID concern (e.g. online, survey. email etc).  Landcare NSW welcomes feedback from any region who would like to discuss the topics and provide their direction to Landcare NSW. If your region/group hosts a Mini Muster and wants to provide feedback to Landcare NSW please send your feedback to Deb Tkachenko, dtkachenko@landcarensw.org.au by the end of February 2022.

The topics of discussion for both Mini Muster and State Muster in Tweed Heads will be the same topics (see below). Both the Mini and State Musters will encourage discussion of topics in groups.  Three different areas of discussion have been nominated as below. (Of course,  groups and regions can nominate additional topics at your discretion and these can be passed onto Landcare NSW).

  1. Landcare Expertise. What matters most at the grassroots level? (40 mins)

Landcare NSW has set its current strategic direction at building the skills, competencies and abilities of the Landcare movement, our capability.

Discuss what you think are the key needs/interests at a grassroots level.  For example:

  • Regenerative Agriculture – How can Landcare NSW help in this space?
  • Embracing Aboriginal Culture and Heritage  – What can Landcare NSW do?
  • Seed collection and seed propagation – how can this be better organised in NSW with Local Government?
  • Professional Business Support – What do you as Landcarer’s want Landcare NSW to do to meet the needs of grass roots volunteers.
  1. Working Better Together – Partnerships (40 mins)

Landcare NSW identifies the value of partnerships as key to success, we collaborate and work together and that is how we get things done.

  • What are the important relationships at a grassroots level? (eg;. LGAs, Rotary, Lions, other environmental and natural resource management groups, local businesses, sponsorship)
  • What relationships should be developed at a State Level?
  • How do you foster a good partnership – what are the ingredients for good partnerships and how can Landcare NSW help?
  1. Its all about the Volunteers (40 mins)

Landcare NSW is a member centric organisation, that works to build the position profile and presence of Landcare NSW and Landcare in NSW at the State level. 

  • What do you suggest Landcare NSW needs to do to help grassroots Landcarers care for their volunteers? What is missing in the current model or could be improved?
  • What strategies do you think Landcare NSW should develop to assist you to attract volunteers to you local groups?
  • What makes your volunteers happy?

Each muster discussion topic should consider what it wants Landcare NSW to do to help and articulate this as an action.


This is an opportunity for grassroots Landcare to provide direction and advice on the strategic direction of Landcare NSW. This muster aims to enable Landcare in NSW to look forward.

New to our community?

Find out about the Landcare NSW Muster here and how this event helps shape the direction of Landcare NSW and Landcare in NSW.

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