Sustaining Landcare

Landcare in NSW is undergoing a transformation. New groups are forming; old groups are being revived; Landcare activity is increasing.

Nearly 30 years since the first groups formed, the Landcare model continues to adapt and change. However the core principles remain: Landcare needs Local Coordinators and central services so that volunteers and landholders can achieve on ground work and practice change.

In NSW we are rebuilding these structures in partnership with the NSW Government. 

While excellent progress has been achieved, the job is not done: Landcare is still not on a stable footing and further work is needed to build the infrastructure to support the grassroots movement at all levels.

Landcare staff and volunteers need certainty. Continued investment and support from the State Government will enable Landcarers to focus on doing the work necessary to protect and restore our precious natural resources for generations to come. 

Sustaining Landcare – The Next Chapter sets out Landcare’s value and explains how we would like to see our partnership with the State Government develop into the future.

In partnership with NSW Local Land Services, Landcare NSW is implementing the NSW Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative (LLCI). This initiative started in 2015 and the funding ends in June 2019. Landcarers would like to see this program continue seamlessly into 2019-2020 financial year and beyond. For this reason Landcare seeks an allocation of funds in the 2018 State Budget.    

The LLCI is bringing tangible benefits to communities in natural resources management, building social capital and creating rural jobs. A video tells the story of the impact of this program supported by a snapshot of progress at December 2017.

While the NSW Government is Landcare’s primary partner, our future depends on diversifying our revenue sources. Landcare NSW has embarked on a journey to professionalise the organisation and create new funding sources for Landcare support. We are making good progress towards our goal