The National Landcare Network held its AGM in Canberra today (21 November). All the current NLN directors were re-elected, with Rob Dulhunty continuing in the role as the representative of Landcare NSW and Peter Bridgewater from the ACT elected as Chair. 

NLN CEO Jim Adams reported on progress that has been achieved so far and the many challenges that remain, including the NLP2 funding program and the relationship between Landcare and natural resource management bodies. 

Jim Adams said a key issue on the horizon is the merger between National Landcare Network and Landcare Australia Limited. He described the merger as a pivotal piece of work for the Landcare community, commenting that ‘some progress has been made, many issues are unresolved’ and ‘the more input we can get from grassroots Landcare the better’. He explained a meeting of both boards would occur this week in Canberra and said the proposed new body ‘must have the support and mandate of the grassroots through the NLN Members Council’.

Outgoing Chair Terry Hubbard from Victoria was thanked for his contribution over the past three years. Terry thanked his colleagues on the board, members council and staff and stated that much had been achieved in building a strong representative body. He highlighted the importance of the merger, and, while describing progress to reach agreement as ‘frustratingly slow’ he remained hopeful.