Rob Dulhunty was reappointed as the Chair of Landcare NSW at the Landcare NSW Annual General Meeting (AGM) held recently in Sydney. Mr Dulhunty was elected unanimously, with all members present expressing their support for his achievements and their strong support for his continuation in the role.

Landcare NSW Chair Rob Dulhunty said, “This year at Landcare NSW is one that has given me significant pride as Chairman, with the incredible achievements of the grassroots Landcare community in NSW and also the direction forged by Landcare NSW.

“With our new Strategic Plan ready to deliver, we look back on the considerable achievements of our past 10 years and how we can continue to build on the fantastic work started by Landcare NSW in 2007. We have gained significant momentum from the tireless work of the Landcare NSW Councillors, our small band of dedicated staff, and the broader involvement of the Landcare community.  I cannot thank them enough for their input, effort and support across the past 12 months.

“I look forward to continuing and building on the work of the past year, as together we forge a positive and lasting future for Landcare in NSW,” said Mr Dulhunty.

During the AGM, Landcare NSW members elected a new Executive Committee. The following Committee members were reappointed:

  • Steph Cameron, Deputy Chair
  • Bob Jarman, Secretary
  • Bev Debrincat
  • Keith Hyde
  • Dale Stringer

Three new members have been welcomed to the Committee:

  • Hunter White, was appointed as Treasurer
  • Stuart Mosely, Western Landcare
  • Martin Royds, South East Landcare 

Outgoing Executive Committee members John Hughson and Chris Scott, who stepped down from his role as Treasurer, were acknowledged for their valuable contributions. Chris and John were both founding members of Landcare NSW in 2007 and have since remained an integral part of Landcare NSW’s Council.

Rob Dulhunty expressed his thanks for the highly valued role both John and Chris have played: “Landcare NSW is immensely grateful for Chris and John’s active participation in the leadership of Landcare NSW over the last 10 years. John will be extremely missed as he steps down from Council and we are very pleased that Chris will continue his representative role for the Mid Coast to Tops region on the Landcare NSW Council for the next 12 months.”