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Landcare Gateway

NSW Landcare Gateway website for Landcare groups.
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2017 NSW Landcare Conference

NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference 25 – 27 October in Albury.
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Transforming our Landscape Together

Landcare is a community-based approach to managing and protecting our natural resources – creating more productive and sustainable farms, conserving our environment and building more cohesive and resilient communities. This iconic Australian institution, represented by the distinctive symbol of the ‘caring hands’, has transformed the landscape, enabling farmers, landowners and conservationists to work together at a local level on local issues. The replication of Landcare in over 20 countries demonstrates how a voluntary, grassroots movement can have global impact. Landcare NSW was established in 2007 as the representative body for our members – regions, networks, groups and individuals. We promote and advocate for ecologically sustainable development in NSW in partnership with governments, philanthropists and the community.

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